I am declaring my blog « Time-Out Thursday » because I just feel like a break from all the horrible stories in the world. I know, I know, there are people everywhere who can’t do that, but I thought a smile would at least be. . . . . a smile, for  today.

One of the things among the thousands  I loved  in India, was the elephants.


My favorite of the girls we rode near the Amber Fort in Jaipur.


That bumpy ride, swaying side to side. . . . check that off the bucket list!

So here is the video of artist elephants in Thailand, painting a  self-portrait of herself. Whew, the elephants in India didn’t do that or we missed it!

See for yourself!   She paints better than I could do and tourists pay up to $60  for each painting. That money  helps towards the elephants’ upkeep.

Hmmm. …

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